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Белый ужас

Белый ужас
Оригинальное название: White Terror
Слоган: After Bella experienced a personal trauma, she starts hearing voices and seeing images which could only be perceived by her, leading her to question her own mental stability, however there is an unbearable pain behind the truth.
Жанр: драма, триллер, ужасы
Страна: США
Режиссер: Lok Kwan Woo
В ролях: Katrina Schmidt, Bobby Slaski, Далит Берковитц, Патрик Андерсон, Jazmine Garcia, Трейс Талбот, Мэттью Манро, Лэйн Таунсенд, Зи Зокколанте, Джонатан Стоддард
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2021-04-06 18:29:00
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White Terror is an intense, confusing and dramatic film with a female POV which keeps twisting and turning the audience's mind on what is happening. Every baffling turn of events will come together at the end for a bright and clear picture, which attempts to leave the audience to wonder why they didn't catch on from the start. This is a film that you have to watch twice. With a twist of horror added, this film is bounded not only to scare the audience but also to leave an emotional mark as it explores a very-concerned philosophical topic - life and death, as well as a widely debated topic - life support vs. mercy killing. The writing style is inspired by the show Black Mirror. Written by Katrina Schmidt

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